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So you’ve just started your own business and want to add that final touch to make your business more professional. If you’re wanting to make a snazzy business card to present to your future clients or customers, but find the pre-made templates that many sites or designers offer to be boring, well look no further! If you have a design in mind, but don’t know how to format the file for printing, then continue reading.

My 3 older kids all learned to program in Visual Basic in middle school / early high school. Kidware Software has a tutorial with 10 lessons for Visual Basic Express which you can purchase for $19.99. However, you can download the first 5 lessons free (scroll to the bottom of their page). I first downloaded the free version to see how my kids would like it, then went on to pay for the full version. Visual Basic Express is another free language.web design tutorials photoshop

With Visual Basic Express your kids will start to program with ‘code’ and they will produce non-animation programs eg ones that ask for data to be keyed in and then do something with that data. Although thy now have to learn the correct commands, if they have learned any of the previously mentioned programming languages, they will find the transition easy. But new programmers can also start here. It is suggested for ages 10 and up.

I’d be interested on your take of Microsoft Small Basic, ( ) which updates MS-BASIC many of us learned in high school in the ’80s (no more line numbers!) Small Basic appears to be a subset of Visual Basic – in fact, it looks like MS is encouraging young programmers to work up to VB. My son is going on 13, and has been quite captivated by MIT’s Scratch. I think I’ll get him started by working out his own text adventure, since he likes role-playing games… Cheers!

This is a great resource, and is consistent with what I have read on another site. I am trying to develop an extracurricular program for elementary students (1st to 5th) that will give them a good foundation to programming. If anyone can point me to either (a) a curriculum/plan for teaching programming to elementary students; or (b) any organizations that actually provide such programs, that would be very helpful. I don’t want to reinvent the wheel here.

I am 10 and I am learning Java using Greenfoot as an IDE. It’s fun because you can program games. I used Alice for a while, but I wanted to learn the the Java syntax and not just move objects around, so I switched to Greenfoot. Before I started learning Java, I learned python with the Invent Your Own books, which were very well done and easy for me to follow. Python was an easy language to begin with, but the indenting sometimes got me frustrated.

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